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I spent Sh800,000 on Zari Hassan - Gospel singer Ringtone

He has spent a lot of money chasing Diamond’s ex.

“She needs a born again man, I have what it takes to get a lady of her class. In fact, I am ready to get my Karen house ready for her…Diamond was pretending that he can support her expensive life but he doesn’t have the money for that, the way I do. Probably Diamond just confused her with all that celebrity hype but it didn’t help. The boss lady cannot be contained in Tanzania, but Kenya.” Ringtone told Pulse Magazine.

In another interview with Citizen Extra, he disclosed that he is worth Sh800 Million which he has made through his music, hotel business and bidding for government tenders.

The ‘Tenda Wema’ singer has now disclosed to Pulse Magazine that he has now spent close to a million of his fortune in his hot pursuit of Zari.


He claims that Zari’s ‘cousin’ flew in from Uganda, approached him and promised him that he would arrange for a meeting between the two. The ‘cousin’ needed a gift to take back to Zari as a way of declaring his intentions formally.

So Ringtone then decided to go big and allegedly bought her a ring worth Sh800, 000 and gave him an additional Sh100, 000 for his logistics, but the guy vamoosed and his phone has been off for the last 2 weeks.

“I believed the guy as he looked really mature, sound, smart and convincing. I decided to go to a jewellery shop and bought a diamond ring worth Sh800, 000 that I wrapped as a gift to Zari after which I gave the guy Sh100, 000 for his logistics. That was two weeks ago. Since then, I haven’t heard a word from him and his phone has been off. ” Ringtone told the magazine.

He maintained that despite the glaring evidence that he fell prey to a con, he was hopeful that his message to Zari was delivered.


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