Zari Hassan throw shade at Hamisa days after Diamond shared her video dancing to JEJE song

Ms Hassan's unexpected comment

Zari Hassan throw shade at Hamisa days after Diamond shared her video dancing to JEJE song

South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan is busy throwing shade at Hamisa Mobetto days after her video dancing to 'JEJE' was shared on Instagram by her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

On Tuesday, the mother of five put up a post via her Insta-stories that seemed to be an indirect attack on Ms Mobetto, insinuating that she was trying to chase clout with her Dance video to Diamond's song.

Netizens where quick to link her post to what had transpired between Diamond and Hamisa- after years of ignoring each other on social media.

The post in question reads "Its not clout, but low self-worth, low self-esteem...know the difference".

Diamond Vs Hamisa

Zari the Boss-lady has a tendency of reacting to things or events surrounding her Baby Daddy indirectly, without mentioning names.

Chibu Dangote shared the video gushing over his baby mama with a caption that reads; "Jeje yake mama @Deedaylan @HamisaMobetto... Global vibe. Number one song...#Jeje availabale on all digital in my Bio".

Seeing the post, Mobetto responded to her Baby Daddy with Love emoji's and words that read; "BABA DEE...!👅🥰😘❤️"

Weighs in on Diamond and Tanasha

Just the other day, Zari weighed in, on the dilemma surrounding Diamond and Tanasha Donna's relationship after it was alleged that they had broken-up.

Zari Hassan’s fan page under the name “Zaridieharddaily” shared a post, perplexed by what was going on in Chibu Dangote’s love life with his Kenyan girlfriend.

“Trouble in paradise already, Darling? Surely you must know that a leopard doesn’t change its spots,” reads the post from Zari die harddaily.

This prompted Ms Hassan to join the conversation reminding the masses that; “No matter how many times a snake shades skin, it stays snake.”


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