Zari Hassan’s classy response after Diamond’s horrible diss

Zari is sitting this one out.

The nasty comment came after a fan congratulated him for maintaining decorum during Romy Jon’s party and not rubbing up on any lady including his ex Wema Sepetu. The fan had commented after Zari complained of Diamond’s inappropriate behaviour with women and Diamond was not happy with the comment.

He went on to hotly reply to the fan and said that touching women is part of his job and no woman can stop him from doing that.

“Touching women is part of my job and every woman I date knows that. I will not stop touching women, its part of my job as a musician. And no woman can stop me from doing it. It’s part of my job and I cannot stop because of one monkey talking when what brought her to me was horniness after she saw those clips of me touching women,” he wrote.

A fan asked Zari to put Diamond in his place after saying that Zari only approached him because she was thirsty.

But Zari disclosed that’s she is better than resorting to petty drama. “So I am supposed to react to that? Nah babes, am better that,”


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