Man tries to murder his son because the child 'stabbed' him to death in a dream

He gave his son bread which was laced with rat poison

Okon is facing a charge of attempted murder.

Offered Sweets

According to the police investigation, Okon’s two sons are staying at the Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network, which is an orphanage.

One day, Okon came to the facility and offered his children candy if they agreed to go with him outside.

The head of the Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network, Sam Itauma, refused to allow the children to go with their father as he acted in a suspicious manner.


Okon became angry and began yelling at his 6-year-old son Elijah and demanded that he stops appearing in his dreams.

He claimed that Elijah appeared in his dream and stabbed him to death. Okon then removed a loaf of bread from his bag and handed the loaf of bread to his son and told him to eat it. Itauma grabbed the bread and did not allow the boy to eat it.

The bread was later tested and it contained rat poison. Itauma called the police and Okon was arrested.


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