7 signs you're a lazy person

You are lazy and here are 7 other signs to prove it.

You don’t feel like washing your clothes today so you’ll wash them tomorrow – understandable.

And then there’s that other person that would wait until they literally have nothing to wear to wash their clothes.

1.You only do your laundry when needed

You are lazy and dirty. You only feel the need to do your laundry when you actually need to wear a particular outfit. You might even end up cleaning one top because you need to wear it the next day and leave the rest of the clothes for another day – you’re nasty and yes, we’re judging.

2.You are a procrastinator

Procrastination goes hand in hand with laziness. You keep pushing to do things forward until the very last minute. You know you should have finished that assignment in the allocated five weeks you were given but for some reason doing it 3 days before the deadline just seemed more appropriate for you.

3.You always want someone else to do things for you

This is not the regular request of “you’re on your way home and the supermarket is on your way so please pick up some bread” type of request. You ask for the most minor of things that you are quite capable of doing.

4.You take a lot of breaks

And most of these breaks are usually useless or to do useless things.

5.Always choosing the easier way out

Even the thought of having to do something like walking for 20 minutes stresses you out.

6.You’re too lazy to do little things like peeing

You wait until you are on the verge of literally peeing on yourself to go to the bathroom. Don’t know why you’d put yourself through such torture but anyway.

7.You want to sleep, all the time

It’s all you think about regardless of where you are or who you’re with. Your bed is like your best friend and just can’t seem to understand why people would want to go out and try to have some fun when they could be cuddling up in a blanket instead.


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