Michael Oyamo, the personal assistant to Migori Governor Okoth Obado, has now been transferred to Nairobi following heightened tension and magnitude of the matter.

Oyamo was moved from Homa Bay Police Station on Tuesday morning due to heightened tension and is expected to be charged in Nairobi at 2pm.

This comes even as his legal team remained in the dark over his whereabouts.

On Tuesday morning, advocate June Ashioya and her co-counsel arrived at the Homa Bay High Court to wait for their client to appear as it had been directed by Senior Magistrate the previous day.

Governor Obado’s PA was nowhere to be seen hours later forcing advocates to return to Homa Bay police post to seek his whereabouts.

Oyamo's statement

Earlier on Tuesday, Oyamo gave his side of the story on the brutal murder of University student Sharon Otieno.

He did not deny meeting Ms Otieno, who was in the company of Nation journalist Barrack Oduor. But denied having taken part in the brutal murder, saying he was also kidnapped alongside Oduor and Ms Otieno after their meeting in Rongo town

In his statement following his arrest, Oyamo said that after his kidnappers attacked him, he proceeded to seek treatment in Kisii and claimed he was arrested while heading to a police station to report the incident.

Oduor, his part, said that he and the deceased university student left Rongo after Oyamo told them he would take them to meet Governor Obado.