Are you sick of the same old love? Tired of the repetitive game of sheets? Has your sex life become stale?

Do you find yourself in a situation where your bedroom games need an upgrade?

There’s all kinds of literature out there on how to improve your sex life with simple ways like sexting or “setting the mood” with romantic candles. Apart from being a fire hazard, such methods can also get boring fast.

If you need an inferno rather than a spark; if you need a rehabilitation of your sensual organs then you should consider the following unique ways of revitalizing your sex life.


This is having sex in public or near-public situations. You will need to be smart about this to ensure you don’t end up with gravel or sand in places that should never have gravel or sand. Be masterful about it. You don’t want to scandalize your neighbours. Perhaps try it at an adults’ party with the door unlocked.


This stands for bondage, discipline and sadomasochism.

For light play, you can experiment with tying each other up with silk wraps, spank each other with paddles and inflicting very mild pain on each other- through mutual consent of course.

Explorative sex

If you’re so inclined, attempt penetrative sex in different orifices and gaps such as between your partners breasts or thighs. You and your partner can look into anal sex.

Mutual self-pleasure

Masturbate with each other. Pleasure yourself as your partner watches. Perform the acts for each other perhaps using the famed 69 position.

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Get competitive

Play games that lead to some adrenalin fuelled sex. For instance, strip poker or strip backgammon whereby the loser strips and the winner selects the most- satisfactory- end game.


This refers to watching other couples have sex. Should you be in the kind of sex club that permits this or have very very very liberal friends, perhaps being unparticipating spectators can help amp up you and your partner’s excitement. You and your partner can also watch porn to achieve this.

These activities can help you get your kink on and scorch your sheets, carpets, vehicle upholstery or any material that covers a place you can get horizontal on.