There is so much literature out there about how to make sex better for men and how to ensure he gets a mind blowing orgasm.

Then you find articles for women on how they can make sure they get orgasms- clitoral, vaginal, blended and skin.

But there are very few on what your man can do to make you climax as many times as womanly possible.

So here are a few pointers for dem guys.

If you want to make your girl see stars you need to understand her first. What she likes, doesn’t like and what she would be willing to try. And since that involves endless exploration with her- I can’t really tell you what to do there.

What I can do is tell you which positions are almost guaranteed to give multiple orgasms. They concentrate on primarily stimulating the G-Spot.

Position 1

Have her mount you, as though she was doing reverse cow girl but have her only straddle one leg.

This is known as the classy reverse cowgirl.

Position 2

Let bae assume the doggy style position but have her prop her upper body on her elbows. This is called downward doggy.

Alternatively you can hold her arms against her back while you do quad thrusts- into her, of course.

Position 3

Weirdly known as daddy’s little helper (no judgement), the position requires you to have your lady hoisted on a higher position. Like a kitchen counter or if you’re Neymar’s height a car boot.

Have her wrap her legs around you and go to town.

Position 4

This is basic sex 101, engage in some cunning linguistics while you engage your fingers with her G-Spot. And none of that alphabet on the clit stuff. That’s for amateurs.

Suck it like you would a very sweet orange wedge with diminishing juices. Curl your fingers over that are that feels like it has ridges. This can be used for foreplay, mid play and end play.

Position 5

Kneel and have her raise her calves to your shoulders. Make sure her lower back is also slightly elevated then do like a rabbit and jack that. It’s called the G-Whiz.

Position 6

Let bae lie on her stomach with her hips slightly raised. Keep her legs together alternate shallow and deep thrusts and keep it slow.

This is known as the flatiron.