Anal sex is no longer as taboo as it used to be, and more couples are trying it out to spice up their sex lives.

This is the kind of sex where penetration happens in the anus or rectum.

Some people enjoy stimulation in the back door.

But for newbies who want to do it for the first time, there are a few things to know for the sake of your pleasure and safety.

1. Start small

When masturbating, you can start with inserting your fingers or small butt plugs, vibrators or dildos then gradually graduate to larger objects. This will help you figure out what you're most comfortable with.

2. Prepare your partner

If your partner is an anal virgin and wants to partake, you can't just surprise them. Preparation must be had.

3. Do it 3-5 hours after doing a number two

For hygiene purposes, it may be best to wait 3-5 hours so as to allow your rectum to be clear. You can also take a shower with warm water and soap. Should you be the very hygienic type, you can also have an enema.

4. Always be safe

There was the myth that when you have anal sex, you're less likely to get a sexually transmitted infection. This is false, if you and your partner haven't been tested, make sure you use a condom because rectal tissue is more susceptible to disease-carrying organisms.

5. Use a lot foreplay

This helps the anal muscles to relax which will make the sex less painful.

6. Use lots of lube

Water based lubricants will help as the rectum doesn't self-lubricate.

7. It may not be enough to achieve orgasm

Some women will require clitoral stimulation while having anal sex so as to achieve orgasm.

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