Mutahi Ngunyi Reveals Secret Move that Chebukati Will Pull This Weekend

Ngunyi's prediction came after Roselyn Akombe resigned as a commissioner of the IEBC.

Ngunyi spoke after the IEBC boss issued a statement where he indicated that he would not resign from the IEBC but at the same time admitted that the electoral body was not in a position to conduct a free and fair election in the current political environment.

The IEBC boss further complained that his commission was sharply divided and called part of his staff, who have been adversely mentioned, to resign.

However, Ngunyi opined that Chebukati had already made a decision to resign and was only waiting to flee the country before sending the official resignation later.

The political analyst claimed that the IEBC Chairman was part of an elaborate schemes orchestrated by Chief Justice Maraga, and aimed at carrying out a coup. He also linked former IEBC commissioner Roselyn Akombe to the supposed coup.

“Today, Chebukati resigned. With Akombe, they were the coup makers at IEBC. Chebukati Letter to come from Lagos or New York this week. Coup!”

Ngunyi’s prediction came at the same time as a section of Jubilee politicians accused Akombe of failing to reveal her dual citizenship when she sought her position at the IEBC.

“Roselyn Akombe held a public office knowing she has dual citizenship, that is criminal,” Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe claimed.


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