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5 electric house appliances ballooning your power bill

The cost of power has gone up and it is important to know the appliances driving your bill up

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In today's high-cost-of-living era, it is crucial to be mindful of household expenses, particularly those related to energy consumption.

One area where significant amounts of electricity are often consumed is through various home appliances.

Understanding which appliances have high power requirements can help individuals make informed decisions and take steps towards more efficient energy usage, ultimately saving on electricity bills.

In this article, we take a look at some of the house appliances that consume the most electric power.


Electric heaters, especially space heaters and electric furnaces, consume substantial amounts of electricity to generate heat.

These appliances can quickly add up to your energy bill, especially when used extensively during colder seasons.

Exploring alternative heating options or ensuring proper insulation can help reduce their energy demand.


Water heating is a crucial function in most households, but it also consumes a considerable amount of electricity.

Traditional electric water heaters, which continuously keep the water hot, can be power-intensive.

Consider upgrading to energy-efficient models or exploring other heating methods, such as solar water heaters, to lower electricity usage.


Refrigeration units, being in operation 24/7, consume a significant amount of electricity. These appliances are essential for preserving food, but they can be optimized for energy efficiency.

Ensure proper maintenance, regular defrosting, and optimal temperature settings to minimize power consumption.

Cooking appliances such as electric ovens and stoves can consume a substantial amount of electricity, particularly during prolonged cooking sessions.


Minimize preheating time and make use of residual heat when possible. Consider using smaller appliances like microwave ovens for tasks that don't require the full capacity of a conventional oven.

While the iron box is undeniably essential, it is important to understand its power consumption and find a balance between efficiency and energy usage.

Being conscious of your ironing habits and using the appliance judiciously can further contribute to energy savings


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