Cornrow hairstyle inspirations for your little girl

Steal one of these for your daughter


The school holidays are fast approaching.

If you have a young daughter, as a mum, I’m pretty sure you have had a couple of hair wars. Most kids do not like going to the salon or even having their hair braided or blow dried. Then again, you don’t really wanna shave your little girl’s hair or put dreadlocks especially given the fact that some schools do not allow locs. So, what are your options? Well there are a tone of black-girl-hair friendly hairstyles especially cornrow and braid styles. You just have to find a hairdresser who is gentle because a child’s scalp is more sensitive. For instance, I wouldn’t take my child to those hairdressers at Kenyatta Market because even if they’re fast, for them they mean business – they want to finish one head quickly and move on to the next and your child may be braided too tight. That’s not what you want, but instead, a cute and simple hairstyle that will last a few weeks or even up to a month and one that will be age appropriate, neat, cute and hustle free. Here are some hairstyle inspirations. 


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