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5 amazing benefits of fruit peels for your skin

Don't throw away that fruit peel.

Uses of fruit peels for the skin

From the hair to the heart to the skin. Every body part you can think of can benefit from eating a fruit.

However, the peels can also greatly benefit your skin as well.


Here are the health benefits of fruit peels.

1. Orange and lemon peels fight acne

Orange and lemon peels have antibiotic properties that help them fight bacteria that cause pimples.

Rub the peels against your skin during your skin care routine to reduce chance of break outs.

2. Orange peels control excess oil in skin


If you have greasy skin, the orange rind has a flavonoid called nobiletin which helps prevent buildup of sebum in the pores. It also stops pores from getting bigger therefore there is reduced room for oils in the skin.

3. Orange peels strengthen skin

They can perk up the skin making it feel youthful and reduce wrinkling. It can also reduce cellulite.,

4. Tangerine peels prevent wrinkles


They have high antioxidant content which can help reduce collagenase which is an enzyme that breaks down collagen. This maintains the skin's collagen levels and prevents wrinkles from forming.

5. Banana and avocado peels moisturize skin

Rub the peels all over your face to lock in your skin’s moisture, especially after exfoliating. Another idea is to mix fruit peel powder with your favorite natural lotion.



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