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5 common mistakes to avoid when waxing at home

Waxing mistakes

Mistakes to avoid when waxing from home (Trials N Tresses)

With all the free time in your hands, you might decide to try DIY waxing. Unlike visiting an expert who knows all the do’s and don’ts, waxing at home can be challenging or even fail to give you the desired results if you do not know how to undertake the process.

For instance, you will want to avoid these common mistakes to get the best results and make the process easier:

1. Trim hair too short


If you have not shaved in a long period, shaving might be a good idea. However, if you trim the hair too short, waxing will be difficult. The longer the hair is when waxing, the better.

2. Cleaning the area right before waxing

While you might not want to wax sweaty armpits, you at least want to take some time after shower. This is because the skin produces natural oils that act as a barrier while waxing and help in avoiding irritation. Waxing right after shaving means there’s no protection and can lead to skin irritation.

3. Pulling off too slowly


You might be tempted to pull out the wax slowly to prevent pain. But guess what, it might pain more when you pull out slowly than when you do it quick. Plus, pulling it too slowly might leave out some hair. You do not want that.

4. Heating the wax at the wrong temperatures

If it’s too hot, it will leave you with burns. And if it’s not hot enough, it won’t work. Make sure you heat it at the right temperature and maybe try it out on the back of your hands before waxing your armpits or pubes.

5. Pulling out in the wrong direction


Just like with shaving, you need to do follow the direction of your hair growth when applying the wax. When removing the wax, however, remove it in the opposite direction so that it comes out with the hair and the roots.


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