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5 diseases you can get from your cat

Stay safe


But like it or not, you can catch diseases from these cute pets if you are not careful. Love them as much as you can but also be cautious with them and ensure their health is well taken care of.

Take your cat to the vet once in a while for vaccination and a checkup for any diseases. And to be on the safe side, ensure your cat is always indoors. This way, there will be less chances of your cat picking diseases from outside.


Some of the diseases you are likely to catch from your cat include:

1. Salmonella

Salmonella bacteria is present in a lot of things including the foods we eat. The bacteria also thrives in raw cat food and in their feces. It causes diarrhea and kidney failure in severe cases in human. After feeding you cat or cleaning its litter, ensure you clean your hands thoroughly.

2. Worms


You love stroking your cat and even holding it close to your skin. Kudos for being such an affectionate human being! But be warned that you can get worms from your cat even by grooming it. If your cat has fleas, you are likely to get tapeworms. If the cat is infected with ringworms, you are also at a risk of catching them.

3. Toxoplasmosis

The parasite that causes this disease can only reproduce in the intestines of cats. You can get the disease from handling infected stool of the cat or eating uncooked meat. However, if your cat stays indoors always, you might be secure. This is because cats get the disease from feasting on rodents and birds.

4. Cat Scratch Disease (CSD)

Cats do not show any symptoms of this disease and humans can thus catch the disease unknowingly. If an infected cat bites you, scratches you or licks your wound, you get the disease. The symptoms of this disease include; fever, swelling, headache and loss of appetite.


5. Rabies

This disease is mostly spread by infected dogs but cats are also susceptible to getting the disease. Rabies affects the central nervous system and the best solution is having your cat injected with a rabies vaccine.


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