5 situations when you should not drink water

Too much of something is poisonous, even drinking too much water


However, too much of anything is poisonous, yes, even drinking too much water, more so, drinking water at the wrong time. We already gave you instances when you should drink water. But, did you now that there are instances when you should not drink water? We will give you the low-down:

1. Right before bed.

Drinking a lot of water before bedtime will lead to interrupted sleep – you will keep waking up to urinate and, you may not go back to sleep after. In addition, our kidneys work slower at night and drinking too much water before bed could lead to having a swollen face and limbs the next morning. Another disadvantage of too much water before sleeping is that it leads to an increase in the volume of the blood, causing harmful pressure on the heart and blood vessels which can lead to seizures.

2. During intense workout.

When working out, the body temperature rises and that’s why we feel hot when training. But drinking too much water can cause an electrolyte depletion which can then lead to headache, nausea and dizziness. Drinking water after you exercise flushes out waste products accumulated during your workout session, improves flexibility and reduces soreness of the limbs. If you have to take water when doing an intense workout, take just a little.

3. When your urine is colorless.

Colorless urine is a sign of overhydration. Too much water leads to low sodium levels, which could cause serious health problems and could even lead to a heart attack.

4. Never drink water to wash down spicy food.

We have all been in a situation where we ate really spicy food and the first instinct was to wash it down with a glass cold water right? Wrong. Spicy food contains a mouth burning molecule called capsaicin which is a non-polar molecule that can only be dissolved in other non-polar molecules like milk. Taking water after eating spicy food only spreads the capsaicin all over the mouth, which makes the burning sensation worse. So, next time this happens, milk to the rescue, not water.

5. Right before, during or after a meal.

Your mouth produces saliva which has enzymes essential for a healthy digestive process. The stomach also produces gastric acid, necessary for digestion and also to kill bacteria. Too much water leads to a decrease in saliva and dilutes the gastric juice which could lead to a pile up of undigested food in your body and it could even become toxic.

Overhydration leads to a condition called hyponatremia, whereby the body holds onto too much water. This dilutes the amount of sodium in the blood and causes levels to be low. This leads to nausea, headache, confusion and fatigue. So, next time you’re chugging that glass or bottle of water, remember, drink in moderation!


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