Surprising reasons why you have dark eye circles

Got dark under eye circles?

Puffy eyes appears like you look sleepy/tired which shows off an overall dull appearance and usually ruin any desired makeup looks.

Nothing says “tired” like dark eye circles. The worst part about them is they’re kinda hard to get rid of and they can actually ruin the whole look. While a lot of times they’re caused by lack of sleep, there are also other things that could be causing these dark circles. That said, here are causes of under eye causes you probably do not know about.

1. Blame it on your genes.

Yup, dark circles under your eyes may simply be a genetic condition, and this is especially common among people from African or Asian backgrounds. Sometimes, having more pigment around the eyes may lead to dark circles.

2. Lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep results in slower blood circulation which in turn causes dark circles under your eyes. This is not just one of the most common factors for dark under eye circles but also various other skin-related problems.

2. Sleeping on your stomach.

This position of sleeping can cause fluid retention under your eyes, leading to dark circles. To avoid that, sleep on your left side so as to promote circulation and prevent dark circles and puffy eyes.

3. Dehydration.

Some studies have found that there’s a link between dehydration and dark circles. Dehydration is known to make dark circles more obvious and also make the skin around the eyes appear dry and rough.

4. Not removing eye makeup.

This is another common everyday habit that may be contributing to your dark circles. If you don’t remove eye makeup before sleeping, this could cause the skin under your eyes to become dark over time.

5. Eczema that causes you to rub the skin under your eyes.

Constant rubbing and itching. When you rub and itch your eyes excessively, this can lead to inflammation and swelling, as well as broken blood vessels in the area around your eyes and this can subsequently lead to dark circles. In addition, allergies that make your eyes itch could also be the culprit.

6. Makeup.

The very makeup you’re using to cover up the dark eye circles could be the very reason that your dark eye circles are not going away. You may have a reaction to that makeup such as concealer and this may lead to a reaction which can cause itching and irritation and lead to worsened circles.


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