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7 good reasons why everyone should start practicing yoga

There are also no excuses for not practicing yoga as it can be practiced everywhere.


Who else is not practicing enough sports and feels the need to start one? I personally definitely do, if only there wouldn’t be my big problem with laziness…

However, I came across this Africa Yoga Project and did some further research and now I am keen and convinced to start practicing yoga.

Here are 7 VERY good reasons on why you should do the same if you too are lazy and not sport motivated like me.

1.No equipment needed.


Yoga is a cheap sport to practice as there is no equipment required except your own body. There are also no excuses for not practicing yoga as it can be practiced everywhere. Outside in the mountains, at the beach, in your garden or inside in your house. You can either use the tutorials on YouTube or you can actually join a real yoga class.

2.It reduces stress.

Yoga encourages relaxation and lowers the stress hormones like cortisol. It also reduces anxiety which leads to the reduction of physical effects of stress on the body. This will lower the blood pressure as well as the heart rate and improve and boost your digestive and immune system. A relief in stress will even help you sleep better.

3. Makes you stronger and fitter.

Yoga is a full body workout therefore it involves all the muscles of the body. You work on your fitness with the dynamic movements and on your posture and functional strength with the static holds. A great combo of a massage and a full body gym session.


4. You will have hotter sex.

Studies say that yoga unquestionably increases the levels of testosterone and therefore rises the sexual activity and desire in men and women. Also, doing yoga improves your confidence and physical performance which will give you greater satisfaction in bed.

5.You will make new friendships.

By joining a yoga class you will meet many other people with the same anticipation and intentions. Everyone will be from a different background and have different beliefs and visions. Even by just having a private class you can get a deep meaningful connection to your yoga teacher. You will discover new communities as well as new inspirational relationships.

6. It will help you control your weight.


Yoga is an exercise where you will burn calories but also improve your mindfulness and awareness of your surroundings. That will lead to a better feeling in terms of your eating habits and reduce the risk of you binge eating. Even the stress reduce will help you control your weight.

7. It helps relieve chronic pain.

It is said that practicing yoga reduces the pain of people diagnosed with cancer, autoimmune diseases and of the people suffering from tension in back and neck areas


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