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5 essential oils that can help treat acne

Acne prone skin? This might be your solution.

Most of them are usually mixed with other products such as coconut oil or shea butter to create a mixture to use on hair or even the skin thanks to their smell and their healing properties.

Those healing properties make essential oils a great candidate for acne treatment.

Check out five essential oils that can assist in treating acne.


1.Tea tree oil

Extracted from the melaleuca plant, tea tree oil has been proven to improve acne prone skin. It helps to unclog pores and treat black heads.

Studies have revealed that applying tea tree oil daily for 45 days helps to reduce the number and severity of pimples.

Pour a small amount of tea tree oil onto cotton and dab a bit of it on the affected areas of your face.


2.Lavender oil

Lavender oil inhibits acne causing bacteria on the skin which make it perfect for treating acne – plus it smells good.

3.Oregano oil

Oregano oil contains carvacrol which has antimicrobial properties that help to break down the membrane wall of fatty acids.

By breaking down those walls, bacteria such as those that cause pimples are inhibited from growth.


4.Peppermint oil

Not only is peppermint oil refreshing but it can also get rid of acne causing bacteria.

Mix it with an unscented oil to help achieve great results.

5.Lemon essential oil


Lemon essential oil has antibacterial properties that help fight acne. It is especially great for treating white heads and pimples that stay under the skin.

It is also a great exfoliant.


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