There is a quote that has been misquoted over the ages. One of the most famous misquotes-

Adulting has gotten in the way of our fun. While some of these joys of youth can’t be fully reclaimed, there are a few we can revisit with a little creativity, quick thinking and shamelessness.

Here are six ways women can reclaim their favourite moments from childhood.


When you were young, you could probably bite your toes. When you are past your twenties, the idea of doing anything with your feet that doesn’t involve a pedicure or putting your feet up on a table fills you with lethargy.

However, there are ways to reclaim flexibility. Toenail biting flexibility. Yoga. And all you need is those snazzy yoga pants, a surface with traction and Youtube videos.

Solid mass

As you grow older you grow a lot more body mass on your body parts. Particularly your bosom and your derriere and your arms and your thighs. Basically everything that can grow, grows and gathers a ridiculous ability to jiggle at the slightest provocation.

This can make being playful and active uncomfortable.

In such events, invest in a sports bra and spandex bike shorts to keep things compact.


As you grow older, everything makes you tired. Walking makes you tired. Having to deal with matatus, your boss, your workmates, your business competitors, your milk delivery boy, your mama mboga, your watchman, your kids, your neighbour’s kids who always steal your shoes. All of it just makes you tired.

You miss your ability to have the energy to do anything. As an adult, you simply lack this energy. People always advise energy drinks, eating fruits, getting enough sleep. And frankly, these things work.

Playing in the rain

When you were a kid, you always loved playing in the rain. Your mother would beat you into another time line for disobeying orders to stay away from mud but it was worth it. As you grow older, you simply can’t. Aside from looking idiotic and risking the sniffles, there’s also the issue of ruining your clothes. And of course you can’t just wander into the rain because your hair.

But if you could invest in cheap, rugged clothes and got your hair come protection like a shower cap and don’t feel embarrassed about it, then you can frolic in the rain without worry.

Reading novels all the time

If you grew up with the generation that loved to read books, be they James Hadley Chase or J.K. Rowling, you probably don’t have as much time to read these days.

Most readers compensate with using audiobooks instead so they can listen to the book as they work or work out. While others just read when they get the chance. During lunch breaks at the office or when commuting to and fro.