Does your boob hurt? Well, fret not for breast pain is not always a sign that you could be suffering from breast cancer.

There are other reasons as to why you could be experiencing breast pain and some are conditions you can control without visiting a doctor. If the pain is persistent and severe, always go for a check up to ensure everything is well with your 'girls'.

Some reasons why your breasts hurt include;

1. Menstruation

It is very common for women to experience breast pain shortly before their periods and the first days of menstruation. This is usually as a result of hormonal changes which manifest in soreness and swelling. In normal situations, the pain should disappear once the periods are over.

2. Wrong bra

If your bra is too tight, your breast may be squeezed and cause discomfort. Also, an oversize bra will not support your girls correctly. As such, the up and down movement all day may lead to pain. A well-fitting bra ensures that your breasts are well supported all day long.

3. Fibrocystic breast

Some women have a natural condition whereby their breasts are lumpy. The lumps, however are usually nonmalignant and should not raise alarm. These lumps can sometimes be painful.

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Some medicines such as contraceptives, infertility medications and anti-depressants could also be the reason as to why your boob hurts.

5. Mastitis

This is a health condition that mostly affects breastfeeding mums. It is an infection that results from a blocked milk duct. It is also possible for one to get mastitis even if they are not breastfeeding.