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Brilliant deodorant hacks that you should know

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Deodorant hacks you should know

We all use deodorant to keep us fresh all day. For most people, deodorant is only used on the armpits to prevent having sweaty and smelly armpits. All this is fine.

But, there is more to deodorant other than just swiping it on your underarms. For instance, these deodorant hacks are quite helpful and you should try them:

1. Applying deodorant before bed


As ludicrous as this may sound, it works and it’s actually recommended especially for people struggling with body odour. Ideally, we apply deodorant in the morning after taking a shower. However, applying it when going to bed gives it time to get absorbed and do a better job at preventing body odour.

2. Applying deodorant on your heels

If your favourite shoe hurts your heel when you wear it, applying deodorant makes sure that you do not get a blister. Just rub some on your heels and wear your shoes without worry.

3. Applying deodorant on your nose bridge


To prevent your nose from sweating, apply some deo on your nose bridge. This is also a great hack for people with glasses to prevent them from sliding due to the sweat on sunny days.

4. Deodorant on your bra line

This is for you girls. You know how annoying it is when you are out in the sun and the area below your ‘girls’ becomes all sweaty. To avoid this, just apply deodorant around the area and you will be good to go.

5. Deodorant for sweaty palms


For those struggling with sweaty palms, rubbing deodorant on your palms leaves them dry so you don’t have to keep on wiping off the sweat. You can reapply from time to time if need be.

6. Applying deodorant on inner thighs

Rubbing on inner thighs can cause sweating, irritation and chaffing. To avoid this, simply rub deodorant on your inner thighs and you are good to go.


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