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6 reasons you have a lump in your breast other than cancer

But you still need confirmation from a doctor

Examining breast cancer(courtesy)

Breast cancer remains to be the leading cause of cancer deaths in Kenya. If you have ever gone for examination, you were probably showed how you can examine yourself.

A lump is one of the symptoms you are told to watch out for breast cancer. And while it’s one of the major symptoms of breast cancer, a lump does not necessarily mean that you have cancer. Huh? Yeah. There are other reasons as to why you may be having a breast lump: so don’t fret yet before a confirmation from the doctor.

Check out some of the reasons why you may have a breast lump other than cancer:

1. Your periods


The breast changes differently depending on your cycle. Some days before and during your periods, your breast may be tender, bigger, and you may also feel a lump. That’s why you are always advised to self-examine yourself after your periods since the lump may be due to changes in hormones.

2. Fibrocystic breast

Naturally, some women have fibrocystic breast and it’s very normal. The cysts are fluid filled sacs which may be a little bit painful or completely painless. They are common among women in their child bearing years but less common among women over 50 years.

3. Intraductal papillomas


They are benign tumors that develop in breast ducts and are common among women approaching menopause sometimes, one also releases bloody discharge.

4. Abscesses

It’s easy to confuse abscesses for cancer because they are also painful. They are caused by bacteria and breastfeeding moms are at a higher risk of getting them. Nevertheless, abscesses are non-cancerous.

5. Adenoma


This is an abnormal yet non-cancerous growth in the breast and they mostly affect women below age 30. The good thing is that they usually disappear spontaneously after some time.

6. Mastitis

In most situations, this condition affects only breastfeeding moms. Other people can get it too although it’s rare. It’s a treatable infection that leads to the inflammation of the breast.


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