4 biggest Kenyan celebrity weight loss transformations of 2017

Big Ted isn't Big anymore and Wibroda's slim down look made her almost unrecognisable. Here are the biggest celeb weight loss transformations of 2017.

From searching far and wide for the right diet plan to hitting the gym five days a week; the journey is a long, tough one but not an impossible one either.

Taking our Kenyan celebrities for example; they have eaten and exercised their ways to slimmer, healthier physiques that definitely make us want to hit the gym.

Here are the top weight loss transformations of 2017.

1.Big Ted

Big Ted shocked Kenyans when he made his weight loss ‘debut’ at the Bomas of Kenya during the tallying of the 2017 August General elections.

Big Ted attributed his massive weight loss to a gastric bypass surgery that he underwent in India earlier on this year.

“I underwent a procedure which has helped me loose 5kgs in 4 days,” he had earlier on revealed.

Before the surgery, Big Ted weighed 256kgs before dropping down to 104 kgs in September after the surgery and he’s not done yet.

My ideal weight is 90 Kgs and I'm working towards the 90 Kgs through healthy living, healthy lifestyle, and a very well calculated thought process of what I'm consuming. I am on the way to being a healthy guy.”


One of the shocking weight loss transformations of 2017 was without a doubt Papa Shirandula’s star Wibroda.

According to the comedienne, health issues was the major motivation for her to lose some weight.

“I went to the gym and lost some weight. I was concerned for my health, so I did it,” she wrote.

The actress also attributed her weight loss to healthy eating and quitting alcohol.

“I finally quit drinking. I never knew I’d be able to until I tried. And I did it.”

3.Willis Raburu

Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu had to cut down his weight due to serious health issues such as high cholesterol levels which can increase the risk of atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries), heart attack, stroke, peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and other heart problems due to decreased blood flow that is caused by the buildup of cholesterol in blood vessels.

“I am more confident now. My esteem is way up, I know it’s hard to believe it was down. It made a difference in my pocket too because now I have to shop for new clothes; but it is a good problem hahaha! Plus I have lost about 9kgs!” he’d said earlier on this year.

Raburu’s weight loss journey is not over yet s he’s still pushing to lose more weight and to stay healthy.

4.Anerlisa Muigai

From being on a strict vegan and juicing diet to joining a fitness camp there is nothing that Anerlisa Muigai did not try to shed off the extra kilos.

But after losing 35 Kgs in 3 months 7 years ago, losing 44 Kgs in 5 months in a fitness camp a few years later and regaining it all back Anerlisa realized that she had to lose weight the right way, slowly and surely.

And after 2 years of a vegan diet, juicing, patience and gyming 4 times a week she is celebrating the fruits of her success now that she has a body that people go under the knife for.


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