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Common grooming mistakes that guys make

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Grooming mistakes for guys (beautynews)

So much about what women should do and what they shouldn’t do. Dear men, let’s talk a little bit about personal grooming. See, we are no longer in the 1960s when guys were allowed to be sweaty and hairy all over. Seriously, things have changed and personal grooming is as important your health.

That said, let’s have a look at some of the common grooming mistakes that guys make either knowingly or unknowingly.

1. Sweaty is not sexy


Whoever coined that misleading phrase about men and sweat (mwanaume ni jasho) must have been under the influence of something. Because honestly, there is nothing sexy about sweaty and smelly underarms. Please make use of antiperspirant to avoid excessive sweating or deodorant to deal with body odor.

2. Imagining that your skin is stronger than the sun

No, sunscreen is not for women and using it does not make you one. We are talking about protecting your own skin from damage by the sun. As you already know, too much exposure to UV rays can cause cancer. Caution, please.

3. Ungroomed body hair


A bit of hair on your chest might seem sexy. Even so, when you have long and ungroomed hair on your legs, face, underarms and the pubic area, eerm, that’s not cool at all. For hygiene purposes, keep your body hair short and clean.

4. Ignoring your nails

Although some still feel that manicures are feminine, it’s not a reason to neglect your nails. There’s nothing unsightly like long and dirty nails. If you cannot manage long nails, always keep them short.

5. Not washing your face before bed


Again, this not just for women. We all need to cleanse our faces before bed for healthier skin.

6. Skipping the moisturizer

I bet every man is guilty of doing this even if it’s a few times. Always show your skin some love by moisturizing it every time after taking a shower. Whether your skin is oily or dry, moisturize.


7. Neglecting the feet

If neglected, this is a very sensitive area and can make your feet smell. Clip your nails, clean your feet well between the toes and scrub your feet well to avoid dirt accumulation and foot odor.


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