Common mistakes to avoid when using a menstrual cup

Menstrual cups save you money in the long run

What you should know about menstrual cups(Elite Daily)

Some people dread menstrual cups and would rather stick to pads and tampons. But some of those who have used menstrual cups will not want to go back to using tampons or even sanitary pads.

So what makes these cups so awesome that some people swear by them? First, they are reusable meaning you don’t have to keep on restocking as you do with pads and tampons. They save you money in the long term. Second, you don’t have to change them every few hours because they take time to fill up. Meaning you can travel from let’s say Nairobi to Eldoret without worrying about leakage.

Away from their awesomeness, you need to be careful with them and avoid some mistakes that might only lead to disappointments. We have listed some common mistakes that people tend to make when using menstrual cups:

1. Inserting the cup wrongly

If you have used a tampon before, you shouldn’t have a problem inserting a menstrual cup. Fold it correctly and insert it at the back of the vagina until it sits comfortably. If you do it right, then you shouldn’t be feeling discomfort.

2. Using the wrong size

Just like tampons and sanitary towels, menstrual cups come in sizes. Using the wrong size might be uncomfortable or even cause leakage. Sadly, there is no way you can measure what size you are down there and only trial and error might work.

3. Not cleaning your hands

Given how sensitive the vagina is, anything that comes close to it must be clean. Before inserting or removing your menstrual cup, make sure you wash your hands.

4. Not cleaning the cup correctly

As we had mentioned earlier, menstrual cups are reusable. But before reusing them, you have to clean them with a mild soap so that you do not get an infection down there.

5. Inserting too deep

This might give you a problem when removing it. So long as the cup sits comfortably, shallow is better.

6. Letting the stem bother you

In case you didn’t know, you can always trim the tip of the cup until it’s comfortable. It shouldn’t be the reason as to why you do not use menstrual cups.


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