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Common mistakes you are making when washing your underwear

Don’t use hot water

Cleaning undewear mistakes(walksonstilts)

How do you go about cleaning your underwear? The process may not seem important as long as they are clean at the end of the day, right?

But how you go about it affects the lifespan of your underwear as long as your own health. Away from that, could you be making these common mistakes when cleaning your underwear?

1. Not hand washing them


Your lacy bras and thongs are made of very delicate fabric and need maximum care when cleaning. Tossing them in a washing machine is the last thing you can do unless you are running out of time. They are also more likely to lose their elasticity if cleaned in a washing machine every time.

2. Cleaning your bras too often

Unless it’s too hot and you’ve been sweating, you should not be washing your bra after every wear. That, however, does not mean that you should wear it for weeks without washing. The dirt may not show but it’s still dirty from the oils and sweat from your body.

3. Tough detergent


There is a reason as to why you are not supposed to use soap on your vagina. Very tough detergents on your undergarments may also affect your sensitive lady parts.

4. Washing them with hot water

It only requires a few washes with hot water and your underwear will lose their elasticity. Warm water is not only good for the underwear lifespan but also for suppressing any bacteria present in your undies.

5. Washing your bras without hooking them


This is just another way to reduce their lifespan. The strings get tangled into other clothes and in the process, they stretch and lose elasticity.


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