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5 dangers of sleeping with makeup on

You will never again sleep without washing your face

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How many times are we reminded to remember to wash our faces before bed? Honestly, sometimes you are too tired, sleepy or even lazy to clean your face before you go to bed. But just to remind you again, you should never sleep with your makeup on. Just drag yourself all the way to the bathroom and wash your face before bed. It will save you the risks linked to sleeping with your makeup on.

These risks of sleeping with makeup should be a good enough reminder every second you think of jumping to bed without washing your face:

1. Eye infections


It only takes like two minutes to clean your face. That’s such a short moment but it can save you eye infections. If you, for instance, sleep with mascara or eyeliner, the fine particles may find their way to your eyes during sleep. This may cause irritation, swollen eyes or an infection.

2. Cracked lips

If you want to have smooth and fine looking lips, then don’t sleep with your lipstick on. The skin on your lips is delicate and lipstick will make them dry and cracked.

3. Breakouts


During your sleep, your body regenerates the cells, replacing the old ones with new ones. If you sleep with makeup, the skin is clogged thus inhibiting the regeneration process. And if you especially have sensitive skin, you might end up with acne and breakouts.

4. Aging

A smooth and glowing face is what everyone wants. This, though, cannot be achieved if you sleep with your makeup on. All the dirt, sweat added to the makeup builds up on your skin and stresses the skin creating fine lines and wrinkles that make you look older.

5. Dry skin


Leaving your makeup on when going to bed creates a barrier that prevents your skin from absorbing the moisturizer. Your skin will thus still appear dry even after moisturizing. 


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