Early warning signs of ectopic pregnancy every woman should know

Don’t ignore any bleeding

Ectopic pregnancy(kofinasperinatal)

Normally, the egg meets with the sperm at the fallopian tube where it is fertilized. After some days, the fertilized egg descends to the uterus where it is attached to the uterine wall and starts growing until the baby is born.

However, if the egg fails to descend and instead gets attached to the fallopian tube or anywhere else but not the uterus, it becomes an ectopic pregnancy. This is usually an emergency case since the baby cannot grow normally in the fallopian tube.So, the earlier it’s diagnosed, the better since the mother’s life is usually in danger.

Risk factors

Women who have had an ectopic pregnancy before, infections and smoking are some of the factors that increase the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. Although the embryo cannot be moved to the uterus, the mother’s fallopian tubes can be saved from damage.

Signs and symptoms

When one is pregnant, they should always watch out for any signs that concern them and seek help immediately. We have listed down some early warning signs of ectopic pregnancy one should watch out for:

1. Light to heavy vaginal bleeding

2. Severe pelvic or abdominal pain

3. Feeling weak

4. Extreme lightheadedness

5. Fainting

6. Shoulder tip pain

7. Pain when passing urine or stool


To diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, the doctor will perform an ultrasound to figure out if the fetus is in the uterus. They may also carry out hCG test to monitor the levels of the hormone. If an ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed, surgery may follow as a form of treatment.


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