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What is vaginal steaming and should you be doing it?

Are you familiar with vaginal steaming?

Vaginal steaming (Courtesy)

We live and learn, and every day, we get to learn new things. I was not familiar with vaginal steaming till recently…and I figured that some of you might also not be familiar with this. So, what’s vaginal steaming?

Also known as yoni steaming, it’s basically steaming your vagina, like you would your face. This is an ancient practice that has been around for ages and it’s been practiced by different cultures, such as Haitians, Jamaicans, Somali women, etc. Those who steam their vaginas swear that there are numerous benefits of doing so such as:

-Cleansing the vagina and uterus


-Reducing menstrual cramps

-Reducing heavy periods

-Solving digestive issues such as bloating

-For fertility

-Reducing fatigue


-Reducing frequency of UTIs and yeast infections

-Tightening of the vagina

-Increasing blood flow to the vagina

-Treating insomnia

And many other benefits, according to those who steam their vaginas.


Just how does one steam it?

Simply boil water, add fresh natural herbs such as basil, rosemary etc, then let sit for a bit and for the water to cool a bit, before squatting/ sitting on an open chair(without a cushion or any cover) over the basin, covering your legs with a blanket and letting the vagina steam for 30 to 40 minutes then taking a bath after.

You could also go to a spa because, there are spas that offer this service. You should ensure that the spa you’re going to is being operated by certified personnel who ask you the necessary questions before they even offer the service to you.

What are some of the dangers of vaginal steaming?


If the water is too hot, you could burn your vaginal walls because the vagina is made up of very delicate tissue. Another thing is, you could upset the Ph balance of your vagina, bringing about yeast infections and UTIs as well as irritation – the same things that you’re trying to keep off in the first place with vaginal steaming.

Bottom line? Should you steam your vagina?

Doctors do not advocate for this practice. In fact, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that vaginal steaming helps any condition. Be advised that if you have UTIs/yeast infections/Bacterial Vaginosis/heavy periods etc., steaming will not heal that. What you need to do instead is consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

If your vagina is healthy, you really do not need to steam it. Ensure to keep your feminine hygiene and Ph level at optimal levels at all times so as not to upset the good and bad bacteria in the vagina and that way, you will have a healthy vagina. If you do choose to try it make sure you do proper research prior to.


Do note that it’s not advisable to steam your vagina when pregnant, when you have an IUD or when you’re on your periods.

So, no, you don’t need to steam your vagina if you already have a healthy one – a vagina is a self-cleaning organ that will function just fine and clean itself. You don’t have to douche.


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