7 things you should know before getting fake eyelashes

What you need to know about fake eye lashes.

And just like all other accessories, there are certain things that every woman needs to consider before getting eyelashes.

Top cosmetics line Huda Beauty shed some light on the seven things that every woman should know before getting fake eyelashes.

1.The shape of the eye lash

There are two common types of eye lashes. The J Curl lash and the C Curl lash. The J curl lash is more natural with a slight curve while the C Curl lash is more dramatic with its curve.

2.The cost

Yes, there can be knock off eyelash extensions as well. Check the cost of the extensions to make sure that they aren’t too cheap. Good quality eye lash extensions are supposed to last between 2 to 4 weeks – with proper care of course.


Before getting your eye lash extensions in, make sure that you are make up free as after getting your eye lashes, you aren’t supposed to be expose your eyes to water for 24 hours – yeah, we didn’t know this either.

Reason for this is because your eye lash extensions need to dry properly.

In addition to that make sure that you do not curl your natural lashes to make it easier for application during your appointment.

4.The process

Eye lashes take some time to get done – roughly two hours – so prepare to get comfortable during your appointment.

5.Risks of getting fake eye lashes

Skin irritation as a result of the type of glue used during application of the eye lashes is one of the risks of getting eye lashes done.

Being that the beauty regiment is around the eye area, getting eye lash extensions poses a higher risk of irritation.

6.Up keep

For the purposes of keeping your eye lashes on for longer, proper up keep is required. Avoid getting them wet and rubbing your eyes.

Ensure to brush them daily with the right equipment and be gentle when taking off make-up.

7.Removing the eye lashes

Never pull your eye lashes out by yourself. Get them taken out by a professional or allow them to fall off naturally.


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