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Genius ways to use bar soap at home that don’t involve cleaning

Some hacks to try

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Most of us mostly use bar soap for laundry purposes and doing the dishes in the kitchen. But did you know that you could also use your bar soap for other purposes in your house that don’t involve cleaning?

Check out these genius bar soap hacks and try them out:

1. Unsticking a zipper


Before you take your outfit to the fundi because your zipper is stuck, try the bar soap magic first. All you have to do is rub some soap on both sides of the zipper and try zipping it. The simple hack should get the problem solved.

2. Picking broken glasses

We all know how dangerous it is to have pieces of broken glass on the floor. Sweeping all of them away can also be difficult since some pieces are very small. To make this easier, wet your bar soap and use it to collect the broken pieces from the floor.

3. Fix smelly shoes


If you can’t clean your smelly shoes because you probably have to wear them the following day, a bar soap will help fix the problem. Put the bar soap in your smelly shoes and it will absorb the odour.

4. Keep your clothes smelling fresh

When you don’t wear some clothes for too long, they can develop some odour. To keep this from happening, keep bar soap in your closet and your clothes will be smelling fresh all through.


5. Soothing bites

To soothe itching and irritation from a bug bite, simply wet the bar soap and rub it on the affected area. Soon enough, the itchiness will be gone.

6. Removing wallpapers

With all the available free time due to covid-19, this is the best time to improve your house décor and replace a few things. If you are planning on replacing your wallpaper, the bar soap will come in handy. Mix it with water and sprinkle the soapy solution on the wallpaper. This will make it easier to remove the wallpaper.


7. Fix squeaky doors

If your door has been making unnecessary noises when opening and shutting, try using bar soap on the hinges. It should provide enough lubrication to allow the door open and shut without squeaking.

8. Keep your nails clean when doing ‘dirty’ chores

To avoid getting your nails dirty when gardening or doing other chores that might make them dirty, glide your nails over a bar of soap and go on with your work. This should keep dirt from getting trapped into your nails. Once you are done just clean your hands normally.


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