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Smelly feet? Try these tricks to get rid of that foul smell

Whether you've been walking around in the heat for too long or genuinely have a foot condition, having smelly feet can be really disgusting.

You don’t mind because it’s one of your closest friends so you can just tell them what’s going on and slip into their bathroom real quick and wash your feet.

You get there and you realize that there are more people in the house and your friend is so excited to introduce them to you so you don’t even get a chance to tell her about the whole ‘stinky feet’ situation and before you know it, you’re awkwardly curling up your feet into their carpet to try hide the foul smell from your feet.

All of a sudden you see someone opening the window to let some air in and you know things are thick – embarrassing.


If you’ve ever been in such a situation or generally just have a problem with stinky feet then these helpful tips should help with that.

Wash your feet well

If you have stinky feet it could be because of the way you wash your feet and more importantly the way you dry them.

After washing your feet with anti-bacterial soap, dry your feet well paying close attention to the areas between your toes.

Good shoes and socks


The type of shoes you wear could either leave your feet fresh or make them really stinky. For instance nylon or polyester socks encourages perspiration as compared to cotton socks.

Wear breathable shoes as well and never go Kiatu Bila Socks (Not wearing socks) when you need to.

Clean and rotate your shoes often

Constantly wearing the same shoes and socks over and over again could cause your feet to stink.

Make sure socks your socks are washed every day to avoid a buildup of moisture and dead skin.


As for shoes, air them out every day instead of just throwing them in your closet to be worn the next day.

Try out home remedies

Soaking your feet in vinegar baths, tea and baking soda could help get rid of stinky feet.

Anti-perspirant shoe spray

Yes there is shoe anti-perspirant. Spray a bit of this in your shoes to help get rid of the stench in your shoes.


Seek medical advice

If the stench is really bad and all these don’t seem to work then you may need to seek medical advice.


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