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Hacks that will make your life with fake nails much easier

It doesn't have to hard

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Haven’t we all seen people with super long acrylics and wondered how they manage to get things done? Turns out that although is not as easy as when you just have your short natural nails, it’s not as difficult as we might think. That’s why you will never see some people without their acrylics yet they still get things done.

If you are planning to wear acrylic nails but worried that things might be a little hard, all you need is a few basic hacks on how to get things done. Check out these useful tips that will make your life with fake nails much simpler:

1. Use the top of your talons to scoop skincare product


You do not want your face cream or lotion stuck in your acrylics because it means some of it will also get stuck in your nails which can be gross and difficult to clean. A simple hack is to use the back top of your acrylic nails to scoop your skincare product.

2. Always carry tweezers

You never know when you will need them so it’s always good to have them in your purse. You might need to use your ATM card and picking it from the machine with your nails is not an easy task.

3. Roll tissue around your fingers to clean your bum


I have seen people ask how girls with long fake nails wipe their bums. Well, it’s still possible to do it. All you gotta do is wrap the tissue roll around your fingers and wipe normally. That’s not hard, is it?

4. Use your knuckles to scoop hair products

In case you don’t want your hair products coming into contact with your nails, bend your finger a little bit so that you scoop the hair gel with your knuckles.

5. Gloves whenever necessary


While doing household chores that involve water, make use of laundry gloves. You will get things done with much ease and you will also save your nails from water damage.

6. Use a card to collect coins


If you have ever worn acrylics, then you know how hard it is to try and pick coins from the floor. But if you have some business cards or your debit card, you can use them to pick them into your hands or purse.

7. Your key to open the soda can

To open your beer or soda can, your key will come in handy.

8. Learn to type with the sides of your thumb


To type on your phone, you can use the sides of your fingers. However, while typing on your computer, you will need to use the tips of your nails and the sides of your thumbs. This might be challenging at the beginning but you get used to it with time.

See? We told you it’s not as hard, is it?


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