This is what happens to your hair when you leave your braids on for too long

Eww! If this doesn't make you book your next salon appointment, I don't know what will.

One common mistake that a lot of women make though is leaving them on for too long and there are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

For starters, it gets really dirty and your scalp can get pretty itchy which is not good for hair and scalp. Your hair also cuts when you take the braids out. The build up from the oils and dirt throughout the period you’ve stayed with your braids is also not a very appealing look to have but that’s not the scary part.

Apparently when you leave your braids on for too long you actually create a conducive breeding ground for bacteria to grow and thrive – bleugh.

The build-up from the oils mixed with water and sweat could put you at risk of getting really bad scalp infections, mold and wait for it egg-storing bugs and insects. I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.

Award winning New Jersey hairstylist Jennifer Cherilus advises women to stay with their protective styles for not more than eight weeks, which is already a long time for braids especially but if you must stay with them for that long then make sure to maintain them well.

For instance, you can wash your hair at four weeks to help clear out some of the build-up and keep your hair fresh and clean.

Lesson to all the ladies, do not leave your braids on for too long.


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