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4 common things you do that make your hair unhealthy

Are you guilty of these?

Unfortunately, this is one dream that is not always valid but it can be if you learn how to take care of it. Here are four mistakes everyone makes with their hair.

1.Using too much heat

Too much heat causes your hair to lose its moisture which is essential for your hair. Dry hair not only makes your hair look unhealthy but can cause your scalp to dry out very quickly.


2.Using too many chemicals on the hair

Too many hair chemicals also cause a lot of damage to your hair. From hair breakage to a damaged scalp; minimize your use of chemicals used in your hair.

If your hair is relaxed, retouch your hair twice in a year.

3.Not using conditioner

Conditioner is supposed to protect your hair and prevent it from breakage.


4.Mishandling wet hair

Your hair is probably at it’s most delicate when it is wet. Exercise caution when combing and drying your hair when it is wet.


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