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How to tell if your human hair weave is 100 percent real

Here's how you can tell whether your weave is 100 percent human hair.

With all the benefits a weave provides, it comes as no surprise that most women would want to opt for the best quality weaves in the market.

Unfortunately, a lot of women have fallen victim to buying low quality weaves that are neither long lasting nor good looking.


If you have been in such a situation maybe these four tips will help you tell whether your human hair weave is real or not.

1.Burn test

Real human hair will immediately burn when put under a flame and will curl into a small ball. Synthetic weaves on the other hand will melt into a ball instead of burning.

Synthetic hair will also produce black smoke when under a flame.

2.Texture is different


Human hair feels softer and has a shinier look as compared to synthetic hair.


Real human hair will tangle but not so much. If it tangles too much then it’s probably not 100 percent human hair.

4.Bleach test

When you bleach human hair, it tends to get light very fast as compared to synthetic hair.


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