The unexpected reasons why you keep getting dandruff

Aside from a dry scalp of course.

1.You’re sensitive to your hair’s natural fungus

Yap. You read that right, your hair has fungus. If you were like me and didn’t know this then I’m sure your mind must be blown right now.

An overgrowth of yeast known as pityrosporum orbiculare feeds on skin oils which may explain why people with an oily scalp have a lot of dandruff.


Stress doesn’t only reflect on your face or weight but could also be one of the causes for dandruff. New York based dermatologist Lotika Singh says that stress affects the immune system thus causing flare ups on the scalp.

This then leads to someone wanting to itch all the time. The more the person scratches, the itchier it becomes.

3.You don’t clean your hair well

So there’s a bit of a contradiction when it comes to this point because too much washing makes your hair dry but at the same time the oils that are stripped off your hair create a really conducive environment for dandruff.

To best help this situation, try and use shampoos that have tea tree oil.

4.Over styling your hair

Certain oils and pomades can actually worsen dandruff other than help prevent it.

So tone down a bit on the hair sprays and styling gels to help get rid of dandruff.


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