Why drinking ice cold water could be bad for your health

Here's why you should always take room temperature water.

As much as cold water helps you to cool down and feel refreshed, it could actually be doing more harm than good for your health.

Here are 4 reasons why ice cold water is not good for your health.

1.Messes up with digestion

According to experts, ice cold water or any cold beverages for that matter causes your blood vessels to contract and this hinders proper food digestion.

Your body is instead trying to regulate your body temperature and the temperature of the water thus causing water loss and making you feel more dehydrated.

2.Inhibits the break-down of fats

Drinking ice cold water after eating a meal apparently makes the fats in foods solidify which make it hard for the fats to be broken down.

This can cause an increase in weight lo

It is advised to drink water either 30 minutes before or after a meal.

3.Slows down your heart rate

Certain studies suggest that drinking ice cold water stimulates the tenth cranial nerve known as the vagus nerve which helps in lowering heart rate.

The vagus nerve is part of the autonomous nervous system that mediates the lowering of heart rate.

4.You can get a sore throat

Probably one of the more obvious reasons not to drink ice cold water is because you will get a sore throat.

When you drink cold water, a build-up of excess mucus forms a protective layer of the respiratory tract and when the tract gets congested it then becomes vulnerable to infections.


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