Why married women are at higher risk of getting HIV

Married couples could be putting themselves at serious risk of HIV by doing this.

According to the survey twenty five percent of Nairobi men reportedly have unprotected sex with their side pieces putting not only themselves but their wives at risk as well.

Why don’t married men want to use protection with their ‘mpango wa kando’

For some unfaithful married men, they do not use protection with their side pieces because;

1.Some say it happens at the spur of the moment

2.They feel like they know their side pieces well enough to not use protection and could only hope that their side pieces are ‘clean’.

The situation only gets more worrying because reports by the National Aids and STI Control Programme (NASCOP) reveal that “44 percent of new HIV infections in Nairobi occur among stable and married couples”, 30 percent more than the new HIV infections among sex workers and their clients.

While some married couples opt to use condoms, other couples, more so women will still have unprotected sex with their partners despite knowing that their partners have side pieces and are unsure whether protection is used or not.

Source: Evewoman


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