6 home remedies to get rid of bedbugs

They suck

Bedbugs(Walker Pest Management)

Bedbugs bedbugs! The mere mention of the word will scare anyone who’ve had an experience with these annoying bugs. These little creatures suck and can actually make your home a hell. And they know when best to attack you. Just when you are starting to dream, they start it and make sure you don’t sleep. You feel one on your back but before you get hold of it, another one is in your loins ouch!

And, getting rid of them is also not an easy thing especially if they are spread out in every room. That though is not to say that you cannot get rid of them. The moment you realize that your home is infested with bedbugs, try out these natural hacks immediately:

1. Bicarbonate of soda

Now now, if you already don’t have this important ingredient in your house, get one. You will be grateful for how much it can save you. Sprinkle baking soda around the area where you suspect there are bedbugs. It sucks the moisture out of the bugs and they cannot survive the dehydration effect.

2. Vinegar

Here is yet another inexpensive way to get rid of bedbugs. These creatures cannot stand the strong smell of vinegar. Sprinkle the affected areas with vinegar and whoa, they will lay dead. This method though does not kill the eggs meaning you will have to get another option to kill the bedbug eggs.

3. Sun

When the sun is really hot, air your mattress, bed and any other furniture that has bedbugs. It will only take a few hours to exterminate them.

4. Tea tree oil spray

Tea tree oil is not only great at killing bacteria and viruses but it’s also a great insecticide. Mix some oil with water then spray generously to the places you suspect is infested with bedbugs.

5. Hot water

You can use this method for getting rid of the bedbugs hiding in the furniture. Sprinkle hot water on the edges of the bed and your drawers. The heat will kill them.

6. Blow drier

If you have a, blow drier, you are good to go. Put the heat to the highest then hold it close to the infested areas.

If all these do not work, call a fumigator.


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