5 things most people are guilty of not replacing often

Replace them ASAP!

You’ve been using that thing for the longest time and are so used to it that you don’t realize when they are getting worn out.

It may be your slippers that you use until the sole of your foot is literally touching the ground or that kitchen sponge that is so worn out that the green part is no longer visible.

Maybe we’re just creatures of habit or plain lazy to do it but everyone is guilty of NOT replacing at least one of these items on this list.


For the people that choose to use razors to get rid of their hairs, they are supposed to be replaced at least three to four times after using them to shave.

They get blunt and using them in that state could cause painful cuts and irritation to the skin.

2.Kitchen sponge

The kitchen sponge has been proven to be one of the dirtiest items in the kitchen. As mentioned earlier, most people use their kitchen sponges until they are left with the yellow part of the sponge. WebMD advices people to clean their sponge by wetting their sponge then putting it in the microwave fro two minutes to disinfect it. The sponge should also be replaced every three weeks.

3.Cutting boards

Especially the ones that are re-purposed. For example, the board used to place cakes on.

4.Toilet brush

Very few people would think about replacing their toilet brushes but they should actually be replaced every 3-6 months. Makes sense, since they are cleaning one of the dirtiest areas in the home.


Most people go years and years without replacing their pillows. Thy should actually be replaced every two to three years seeing that they are sweated on, drooled on and sometimes get hair oil on it.


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