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Tips to deal with sanitary pad rash during periods

Dealing with pad rash

Dealing with sanitary pad rash

Some itchy bumps are the last thing you want down there after battling painful period cramps for days. While it’s quite common, it’s very uncomfortable. More often than not, pad rash occurs due to contact dermatitis. This simply means that your skin came into contact with an allergen. The good news, however, is that once you have identified the cause of the rash, you can avoid it in future.

If you have found yourself struggling with pad rash during periods, try out these tips next time:

1. Change often


While some brands say that you can stay with one pad for up to eight hours, you may want to do better and change more often. Of course, your flow should direct you on how often you should change your pad. But even if you are not having a heavy flow, you do not want to stay with one pad for so long as it can lead to pad rash.

2. Change brand

Our skin reacts differently to different things and that’s why one person’s skincare product may be poison to your skin. Try shifting to another brand of sanitary towels and see if the rash will still be there.

3. Shift to cotton


If you have tried changing from several brands and still do not see any change, it may be time to go try all-cotton sanitary pads. They a little bit pricier but are unlikely to cause pad rash since they do not have dyes and are fragrance-free.

4. Avoid tight clothes

You should always avoid tight underwear even when you are not on your period for the health of your vagina. But it’s even more important when you are on your period. Wear breathable fabric and loose-fitting clothes to avoid too much heat and sweat that may lead to pad rash.


5. Stay away from scented pads

Remember we mentioned that the pad rash mostly occurs due to allergic reactions? While you may want to smell good, your private region may not react so well to scented pads.


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