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This is the right way to clean your baby boy's genitals

How do you clean your baby boy’s genitals?

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Many new moms to baby boys are always confused on how best to clean and care for the little ones’ genitals. If your baby was already circumcised after birth, then you should have no problem cleaning the penis since the foreskin is not there.

For the uncircumcised baby boys though, parents are confused on whether to push the foreskin backwards to clean or just clean the outer part. Given this is very delicate life, you will want to be very careful on how you handle everything and not just take any advice you get on social media.

So, what’s the right way to clean you baby boy’s penis?


While people will tell you that the foreskin traps dirt and you should thus pull it backwards, WebMD advises that you should not even think of trying the procedure. When the baby is young, the foreskin is still connected to the head. This means that it’s not easy to separate the two. Trying to pull the foreskin backwards may thus cause pain, tearing, and even bleeding to your baby boy.

Clean with warm soapy water

Instead, just wash their genital area with warm soapy water after changing the diaper. This in itself is enough to keep the area clean. If you are concerned that the urethra might be blocked by dirt or your baby is having difficult is passing urine, take them to a doctor for checkup.


As your baby boy grows older, the foreskin will start to detach itself from the head of the penis. Then, it will be easier and harmless to move the foreskin backwards and frontwards. Gently move the foreskin backwards, clean, dry, and pull it back to its position. When they are of age, teach them to do the same.

Inquire from your doctor about the right time to start cleaning beneath the foreskin of your baby. But generally, the foreskin should easily move when they are between 3-5 years old.


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