Nail-biting is a problem that some people pick from childhood. It becomes a problem when you are an adult and you can’t stop it. Although it does not cause permanent damage, putting fingers in your mouth can make you really sick since our hands pick germs from various places.

Some people find themselves biting nails as a way to cope with anxiety, nervousness or when stressed. Although you may not drop the habit within a day or two, with effort, you can finally stop biting nails for good.

Why not try out these tips to help you quit the habit for good?

1. Identify your trigger

How to stop nail biting  (BellaNaija)
How to stop nail biting (BellaNaija)

What triggers you to bite your nails? Is it fear, anger, anxiety or idleness? Once you identify the root cause, it’s easier to deal with it.

2. Cut them

You will have nothing to bite once you cut your nails. But then, you have to cut them really short.

3. Get regular manicures

Matte blue nails (pinterest)
Matte blue nails (pinterest)

If you remember how costly you paid to have your nails done, you won’t put them in your mouth. Plus, who wants to damage something they cherish? Also, if you have painted nails or acrylics, chances are that you won’t want to eat nail polish. So, you will avoid biting your nails.

4. Awful tasting nail polish

Bitter tasting nail polish is safe but who wants something bitter in their mouth? It discourages you from biting your nails.

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5. Chew gum

Chewing gum to stop nail biting (turbosquidcom)
Chewing gum to stop nail biting (turbosquidcom)

Always have gum to keep your mouth occupied. This way, it will be less available for nail-biting.

6. Treat yourself when you achieve a goal

Rewards always feel great and they propel us to do better next time. You can commit yourself to let’s say one hour or two without biting your nails. If you achieve that, reward yourself with something you love. Even if it’s coffee from Java, it will be great.

7. Set reminders

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To avoid forgetting, set a reminder or an alarm. Each time it rings, it reminds that you have a habit you should fight.

8. Team up with a friend

Talk to a friend or a relative who is close to you. Ask them to call out on you each time you are about to bite your nails. You could also get someone who is struggling with nail biting and help each other to quit.