9 ice cube beauty hacks you need in your life

Ice cubes for beauty: Yaaaaas!

Ice cube beauty hacks (Charr KR)

Indeed, there’s a lot you can do with ice cubes besides dunking them in your henny…take for instance, using ice cubes for beauty. Wondering how? Well, we will show you. Here are 8 ice cube beauty hacks you need in your life:

1. For a healthy glow.

If you’re running late on time, take some ice cubes, wrap them in a cloth and run them over your face for an instant glow.

2. To remove puffiness around your eyes.

Rubbing ice cubes over and around your eyes helps relax them, removes dark circles and reduce the puffiness too.

3. Effective for sunburn.

We black girls and boys do get sunburned too ay? After a whole week in Diani, you may come back with a few sunburns. In that case, rub some ice cubes over your skin, if you’re normally prone to sunburns.

4. To reduce inflammation.

 Ice cubes are effective in reducing inflammation caused by allergic reactions.

5. To reduce pain when tweezing.

Rubbing an ice cube across the eyebrow line before tweezing results in less pain as that area becomes temporarily numb.

6. Closing pores.

The cooling effect of ice is very effective at closing pores. All you need to do is run an ice cube directly over your face for two to three minutes. If you’re consistent, your enlarged and open pores will start to shrink within a few days.

7. For smoother skin.

Every evening before going to bed, wash your face, fill a zip lock bag with ice cubes and massage your face and neck area for about three minutes. Ice therapy also prevents wrinkles and helps you sleep better.

8. Speaking of wrinkles,

Ice improves your blood circulation and prevents premature aging and wrinkles. You can massage your face for about a minute every day before applying makeup. Doing this on a regular basis will help get you wrinkle-free skin.

9. To get rid of acne.

Ice therapy is one of the great ways to attack acne problems. Wash your face and wrap an ice cube in a clean soft cloth and gently press this against the pimples for three to five minutes, this will help the pimples start shrinking.

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