Hacks to look fashionable without breaking the bank

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How to look stylish on a budget (Bustle)

We all love to look good each and every day. And while one’s image is really important, you don’t have to break a bank for you to look good. You don’t even have to wear designer clothes from head to toe for you to look stylish and fashionable.

What you need is to learn how to build up your wardrobe and tricks that will help you get your dream look without spending too much money. Have a look at these tips and give them a try:

1. Trade your outfits

It’s good to donate but if you are working on a budget, consider trading your clothes with your friends. If you have clothes you no longer wear, give them out to your friends in exchange for what they no longer need in their wardrobes.

2. Revisit your wardrobe

If you are like most people, you must be having a bunch of clothes that have not seen the light of day in years. Not that they are old or anything, you just forgot about them for some reason. Before you complain that you have nothing to wear for that Saturday night event, dig into your wardrobe. You might get a forgotten outfit that is still fashionable and suits the occasion.

3. A little DIY

Well, this is not for everyone but if you are creative and good at DIYs, then you can transform even an old outfit and make it look fashionable. For instance, you could convert an old pair of jeans into a stylish pair of rugged shorts. How awesome?

4. Lipstick is your best friend

Full makeup may make you look more fashionable if you know how to do it yourself. But if you are not an expert in the area, at least learn how to apply your lippie right. It improves your look even when the rest of your face has no makeup.

5. Shop second hand

Shopping second hand allows you to get unique clothes (even designer) at very affordable prices. Make Toi, Gikomba markets and stores like Think Twice your friend and you will get fashionable outfits.

6. Shop off season

Valentines may seem far away but it’s just a few weeks away. If you are planning to buy a dinner outfit for Valentine’s day, get it as early as now. You will get a good deal at an affordable price than getting one at the last minute.


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