4 easy ways to achieve matte nails at home

No matte nail polish? No problem.

Matte nails (Courtesy)

If you’re a fan of all things nail art and nail polishes, then I’m pretty sure that you have tried out a lot of the nail trends out there, including matte nail polish. Matte nails are pretty, I particularly like the change from shinny nails to something subtler and different. Unfortunately, matte nail polishes are not so easy to find. Lucky for us, thanks to all the DIY gurus out there, you can easily get matte nails at home. Yup. Matter of fact, we will show you easy ways to achieve the matte finish on your nails from the comfort of your house if you have no matte nail polish and don’t want to spend a couple of bucks at the nail salon. Note, for this, you will need to have painted your nails already and the polish is already dry.

1. Using maize flour.

Mix a tiny bit of maize flour with clear nail polish, you can do this on an old saucer or plate. Now, on your already painted nails, apply a coat of this mixture onto your nails to achieve a matte finish.

2. Using steam.

Onto your already painted nails, apply a fresh layer of colorless top coat then place your nails in the direction of the steam, over boiling water. Careful not to burn yourself though, so be sure not to place the hands too close to the steam.

3. Buffing.

Using a bugger, gently bluff the top layer of your painted nails. Be sure to buff evenly, even on the sides and not too much, just enough to achieve the matte finish. Remember to use a buffer and not a nail file.

4. Nail polish remover.

Wet a piece of cotton wool with nail polish remover then dab it on a piece of paper till there’s very little nail polish left. Now, take that cotton wool and wipe it very gently across the nails.


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