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9 ways to stop spending too much money on your hair

Unatumiaga pesa ngapi kwa salon?

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How much money do you spend on your hair every month? With the tough economic times, maybe you have been looking for a way to cut your budget but you can’t see what’s there to cut. But if you are keen enough, you can reduce the amount of money you spend on your hair every month and still look good as usual. Sounds impossible? Well, it’s possible and we are just about to show you how you can do that and save those few coins.

Now, why not give these tips a try and see just how much you will save on your hair salon budget?

1. Get a wig


Wigs can save you big time. Not just on those bad hair days but also when you need to save money. While a good wig can be pricey, it will serve you for a while if you get a quality one. That way, you don’t have to go to the salon every month. Get several wigs and rotate them throughout the week.

2. Human hair weave

What if wigs are not your style? Then maybe you can try out a human hair weave. That way, you can wash it after use and keep it to reuse in future.

3. Learn DIYs


Thanks to technology, there are so many tutorials you can use to learn hair DIYs on the internet and they will save you money. Make sure you learn several so that you don’t have to go to the salon every now and then for styling.

4. Wash your hair at home

You will always be charged extra money to have your hair washed at the salon. Why not just wash it at home before going for plaiting at the salon?

5. Blow-dry at home


It’s also cheaper to blow-dry your hair at home if you live with someone who knows how to do it. At the salon, you will be charged for labour and electricity bill while you won’t incur labour expenses at home.

6. Invest in your own hair care products

Instead of going to the salon for your hair to be treated, buy your own treatment and do it at the comfort of your house. If it’s hair dye, buy yours then go to the salon because you will pay more if the stylist uses their own products.

7. Avoid going to high-end salons


Trust you me, you can get your hair done even better in those small hair salons in your estate at a much cheaper price. Some of the high-end salons are simply overrated.

8. Take proper care of your hair

To save money on your hair, start by taking good care of it. Invest in the right hair products and also avoid styles that damage your hair. It’s the only way you won’t have to incur a lot of money buying products to restore your residing hairline or have to deal with hair breakage.


9. Get a cute haircut

Finally, if you feel like you need a break or a new hairstyle altogether, you can get a cute haircut and save yourself some money.


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