Here's how to tighten your saggy stomach after childbirth

It's possible

Post baby belly (BabyCentre)

After childbirth, you might still look pregnant for some weeks. And even after losing the weight around your belly, the skin around it still remains loose and saggy. The good thing is that you can always tone the muscles on your belly and get rid of the saggy skin.

Try these tips:

Eating the right foods

Your kin needs the right nutrients to repair the sagging skin and achieve its elasticity. Eating healthy fats helps in building muscles while eating protein such as eggs may help in toning your belly muscles. Make sure you include fruits and vegetables in your diet as well.

Drinking enough water

Water helps the skin regain its elasticity and also helps it to become supple. So drink up all day not just for your skin but also for other benefits.

You got to exercise

I know this is not easy with all the things that have to be done after the baby comes. While you don’t have to exercise for hours to lose the excess fat around your belly, even 30 minutes can do wonders so long as you remain consistent. Start with light cardio and progress as your body continues to heal. Most importantly, make sure you consult your doctor to confirm it’s okay for you to start exercising. The doctor can also advise on the safe exercises that won’t strain your recovering body.

Massage while moisturizing

Moisturizing during and after pregnancy is important for the elasticity of your skin and preventing stretch marks. Moisturizing your skin regularly speeds up the repair process. You could try using natural oils such as almond or coconut. While applying, massage your skin to make sure the oils are well absorbed into the skin.

Post-partum belt

Post-partum belts are readily available in most shops and markets today. You can get a new one or even second.

Tummy tuck surgery

If you feel like all the above are taking longer than you would like, you could also go for elective surgery. It helps gets rid of the excess skin and leaves your belly muscles firm.


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